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Just imagine it were the end of the world, and you could only take 3 things with you onto the Noah’s Ark. What would you choose?

Noah Garden 01

Being a graceful lady of the natural world, my lady first chose the marvelous butterfly that might create an effect to change the new world.

Noah Garden 02

Being an admirer of the subtle art, you grabbed the orchid stem you’ve nurtured for so long in hope of a strong life amidst the harshness.

Noah Garden 03

All are wrapped in a KAMELEON, with NOAH GARDEN strap on, to a whole new world.



Size (L x W)

100 x 5 cm


200 g


Artificial leather



Country of origin


Dây đeo túi in họa tiết NOAH GARDEN CHAUTFIFTH
[strap] NOAH GARDEN Sale price345.000₫345,000 VND