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Growing Heart red handbag

GROWING HEART: our hearts are expanding! Our love is growing!

Chautfifth would like to wish everyone, whether single or in a relationship, as much Happiness this Valentine's Day as Chautfifth's Growing Heart bag - not a closed heart but a spreading heart!

A little chat about love!
Love Is Boring? do you agree?

I began to discover that long-term love is boring.
In the years when I first entered my youth, I experienced emotions like Rose & Jack kissing passionately under the sunset in the middle of the endless sea, or like Da Hoa and Bach Thien waiting for each other for ninety thousand years. to be compatible.
Then now? I used to think the toilet would be my most private place. But the truth is, the guy is right next to me, in this toilet, he's brushing his teeth and I'm sitting on the "toilet". Should we keep it mysterious and private even though we've been together for a long time?

Yes, long-term love is boring!
No more mystery, no more confusion, no more guessing.
There is no maze of secret questions or having to endure sharing even if you prefer silence.
Don't feel defensive or hold back a bit of "price".
No longer feeling curious about what that person is doing, is he thinking about me?

However, I still wish that those who have not experienced this feeling of Boredom will have the opportunity to experience it. This Boredom is not that I stop loving or find that person boring, it's just that this relationship is starting to have a frugal taste, not as spicy as it was at the beginning. Bored because everything is so familiar! Unexpectedly, one day I came home from work very late, I opened the door, he was snoring - A strange feeling of peace! I hugged him from behind, a back of comfort and safety!

It is another form of being comfortable and safe!
And that's a good thing!


The Growing Heart bag can hold large phones and other basic items. The bag strap can be adjusted to length or length. The design of the bag is a combination of seemingly unrelated things such as a hard sealed heart and a flat, soft shopping bag.

Even if you've been together for a long time, a surprise gift will still create joy and excitement to help the relationship have colorful touches! Happy Valentine from Growing Heart bag by Chautfifth!


Product set includes: 01 bag body and strap attached to the bag


Dimensions (Length x Width x Depth)

21 x 16 x 6 cm


400 g


70 - 110 cm


PU leather




Granular and Smooth

Inner lining material


How to lock


Made in



Note: Product color may vary from photo due to lighting conditions when taken.


Sale price914.250₫914,250 VND Regular price1.316.750₫1,316,750 VND
Growing Heart red handbag
Growing Heart red handbag Sale price914.250₫914,250 VND Regular price1.316.750₫1,316,750 VND