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BUTTERFLY Handbag in Tender Brown x Dark Brown

Butterfly bag!!

If it's been a while since we've been interested in Minimalism, we can try a little change with a bag that has no space left, designed with a lot of details. It creates a feeling of fullness #fulfilled.

A bit of classic #vintage while rivets, metal accessories as well as seams separate the bag into several parts simulating bags of previous decades. A Butterfly Maxi but with a variety of style options.

The bag is suitable for "all" ages. Black or red #classic? Sky blue or pastel pink or #fresh avocado green? Fancy dark brown with light grain or a bit of cowboy arrogance #cowboy? Not 100% denim, but 45% leather x 55% denim, brown denim a comfortable choice? Or a bit of luxury in red denim? Or especially the fancy hot pink combination - it's not easy to see this color combination with #denim?

The Butterfly Bag can hold large, long wallets and many daily items.

While short shoulder wearing is the most beautiful style with this bag, Chautfifth also offers an additional option with an additional strap that can be connected to be worn cross-body in cases needed.



The product set includes: 01 bag body, 01 basic strap


Dimensions (L x Width x Depth)

29 x 20 x 4 cm


400 g


50 - 113 cm




Tender Brown x Dark Brown

Leather Fabric


Inner lining material


How to lock


Made in



Note: Item color may be different from photo due to lighting conditions.


Sale price1.604.250₫1,604,250 VND
BUTTERFLY Handbag in Tender Brown x Dark Brown
BUTTERFLY Handbag in Tender Brown x Dark Brown Sale price1.604.250₫1,604,250 VND