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Flower M (medium) handbag in pastel pink

Inspired by the close-up gerbera petals. The Flower Bag's bottom design specifically simulates a flower with a central stigma and surrounding petals.

01234 5 678910 - "In the middle of something": Chautfifth's transparent message with the number 5 printed in large reverse in the number 0 to 10 is engraved between the "pistil" - the bottom of the bag.

Why Bottom of the Bag: Chautfifth believes that what's at the bottom or inside always has its own value, not showing off, only we know there's something special inside or underneath - That's a good feeling!

The strap can be adjusted to the length to be worn cross-body, shoulder or hand-held, it will become a style of 2 straps hanging down on both sides of the lovely bag.

The bag is designed with a focus on hand-carrying or threading. The hand held round hole but not quite round is specially designed to be neither round nor square, as the highlight of the Flower Bag.

At the bottom - not round - add a special part.

The bag can hold an A5 notebook horizontally and the bottom has enough depth to hold everyday items.



The product set includes: 01 bag with a strap attached to the bag


Dimensions (L x Width x Depth)

27 x 20 x 20 cm


400 g

Long crossbody strap (Width)

~120 cm


Premium PU leather feels soft


Baby Pink / Pink powder


Smooth with small seeds

Inner lining material


How to lock


Made in



Note: Item color may be different from photo due to lighting conditions.

Sale price1.086.750₫1,086,750 VND
Flower M (medium) handbag in pastel pink
Flower M (medium) handbag in pastel pink Sale price1.086.750₫1,086,750 VND