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Flower Mini bag with I LOVE YOU pattern (white)


Valentine & Women's Day 8/03 collection is inspired by the spectral color range combined with 3 stages of Love to create extremely new Mini Flower Bag colors. Especially the pattern I LOVE YOU as a expression  in many different languages ​​spread throughout the white bag background, bringing a youthful feel and suitable for many styles of clothing.

Light Spectrum: Spectroscopy - Red Orange Yellow Green Indigo Purple. In it, starting from short wavelengths (purple) and gradually moving to medium wavelengths (blue) and long wavelengths (red-orange).
CHAUTFIFTH was inspired by the spectroscopic color range for the Valentine concept with the 3 Phases of Love (Three Phases of Love).
- I FOUND A LOVE, YOU: the stage of finding each other ~ purple with the inspiration for the song Perfect (Ed Sheeran)
- SOUL MATE: stage together ~ blue with song inspiration Soul Mate (Flora Cash)
- TILL DEATH DO US PART: stage of eternal commitment ~ orange red with the song of the same name (Rosenfeld)

Inspired by the close-up gerbera petals. The Flower Bag's bottom design specifically simulates a flower with a central stigma and surrounding petals.

01234 5 678910 - "In the middle of something": Chautfifth's transparent message with the number 5 printed in large reverse in the number 0 to 10 is engraved between the "pistil" - the bottom of the bag.

Why Bottom of the Bag: Chautfifth believes that what's at the bottom or inside always has its own value, not showing off, only we know there's something special inside or underneath - That's a good feeling!

The strap can be adjusted to the length to be worn cross-body, shoulder or hand-held, it will become a style of 2 straps hanging down on both sides of the lovely bag.

The mini size bag can hold large phones, short wallets and other small items (not long wallets).

 A super cute bag!



The product set includes: 01 bag with a strap attached to the bag


Dimensions (L x Width x Depth)

22 x 18 x 12 cm


200 g

Long crossbody strap (Width x Length)

0.7 cm x 113 cm


Premium PU leather feels soft


White letter pattern



Inner lining material


How to lock


Made in



Note: Item color may be different from photo due to lighting conditions.

Sale price1.201.750₫1,201,750 VND
Flower Mini bag with I LOVE YOU pattern (white)
Flower Mini bag with I LOVE YOU pattern (white) Sale price1.201.750₫1,201,750 VND